Monday, December 1, 2008

Ready for weigh in this week!

Well, this is it...weigh in for my 8 week weight loss challenge is this Wednesday! Jumped on the scale this afternoon and was down to 169.8# !!! Total loss so far: 14.6#! Whoo hoo!! I feel like I broke the 170 threshold and hopefully there is no looking back! I did good on Turkey Day...ate what I wanted, but used a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. Took 3-4 bites of everything and even went back for a small plate of seconds! :) I was able to get a work out in on Friday w/ the Fam. I ran on the treadmill for 30min while BK (hubby) played B-ball w/ the kids. Then we all shot some hoops and chased kids for another 30min.
I took a major step in savings this past week, too. It won't sound like much to some, but I set up my online banking to w/draw $50 every month and AUTOMATICALLY place it in savings. Hopefully KJK (son) will decide he is ready to be potty trained soon and the $50/mo from diapers will end up in savings instead! :)
My Goals this Week:
1) "Weigh in Wednesday" (I like that...has a nice ring) Hopefully I'll meet my final goal of 168.4# for the 8 weeks (2# per week)....I'll keep you posted!
2) Workout at least 3-4 times this week.
3) Put Holiday decorations up with the Fam! AJK (daughter) has been "patiently" waiting for this.
4) Stop the "Santa" shopping! Santa has done enough already! AJK and KJK need to be happy w/ what they have!
5) Stop and ENJOY my kids and hubby. Sometimes I get so focused on getting "stuff" done that I forget this important step.

Until we blog again....
ACK (me)


rubigimlet said...

Wow AWESOME work on the 2 lbs per week and making it past the threshold. We've all got one (or two) of those on the way down the scale and those can be hard to bust through.
I also really like your 'enjoy the kids and hubby' goal. Sounds funny to make it a goal, but I have that same personality where it has to be a conscious thing to sit down and enjoy.

javagirl said...

Ack - way to go! You have made me want to push myself even more this week and I'm the same way with the more time for hubby and kids! Not everyone remembers that it does take work and that a family is like a corporation - you have to have schedules for everything - only you have love for this! Good job - this made me smile for you REALLY BIG!!