Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sitting in the bottom dip...

Of the roller coaster, that is. I'm on the down side, mustering all hope to keep on the up side.
1. Diet & exercise -- if I can remember to keep my brain in gear and bring my lunch, instead of leaving it on the entry hall trunk/table... I might eat healthier, instead of feeding my cats healthier. (Cause you KNOW they smelled that little cornish game hen and brussel sprouts, warming to room temp and tantalizing them to shred the packaging and gorge on the tasty innards) The little monsters will force me to learn about the vaccuum tonight. I did 2 days of walking last week, then Thxgvg break and sickness. I am a toad on a rock when it comes to sickness and I have done nothing.
2. Finances -- here's a word to the wise, don't be the responsible one in a marriage and assume all debt to "help" because you have the better credit rating. And then, don't get divorced AND remarry someone who is like you and has done the same thing. And then try to support 2 house payments while one doesn't sell for 17 months. I'm drowning here. I love Kim's method of using one paycheck for bills and the other for paying off...problem is, it can't apply to us. We're too tight. And I don't have eating out, lates, make-up or any other frivolties to "cut". I've done the unthinkable and started getting the cheaper cat litter. This may be disaster in our household.

I've got some humor here to make myself feel better but in reality, I'm sharing the dirty details because I KNOW I'm not the only one. Baby steps are an understatement. My hubby rocks by having the ability & career to be able to get side jobs which slowly bring in extra $$. I have the ability to juggle and manage like a pro. But I just want to head back up the other side of the roller coaster.... I want kids.

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javagirl said...

You are definitely not the only one...Baby steps have been my first, middle and last name for quite a while...and when you can take the bigger feels good too. hang in there and this is a new week!