Friday, December 19, 2008

i've been lax on checking in, and here's why --

my days started going back to hell in a handbasket about 2 weeks ago when some Surprise! deadlines came my way. those are the days when Bebe is left in her crib after nap a bit too long and Ro runs around eating candy while watching Noggin.
In other words, they're the days I'm not proud of my mothering.
But I really don't know how anyone (who doesn't send their kids to daycare for at least a couple of hours a day) who works from home with little ones can do it any differently. It's still wonderful to be home with them and seeing all the first little things they do -- especially with BB -- so I'm not complaining. Well, I was up until 3 am last night. So maybe I'm complaining just a teeny bit.
Anyway, when I have to stay up late and work, my brain starts firing on all cylinders and I can't get to sleep for at least an hour after I actually stop working. The whole time I'm yelling at myself, "Just freaking go to bed, already!" but I somehow can't turn off the mental noise.
Anyway, when work starts to take over, it's also impossible to make time for exercise. Or, it is, but it means that I'll be going to be that much later. And sleep is precious, so, as you can see, this is a tough call for me. I did read an article about giving yourself the gift of exercise, and I really like that idea. I've decided -- even if it's only one afternoon a week -- I'm taking an hour and walking.
I've actually started doing pretty well on sugar. I did some protein loading (is that even a thing?) for a couple of to kind of break the sugar craving a bit and it helped. I've had a few pieces of candy and a cookie in the last 3 days, but that's doing pretty well considering it's me and it's the holidays.
Ok, long and rambling post, but the gist is that I'm still committed to this, and even if it's just me on here saying that work ruled the week (as it had for 2 weeks now) then so be it. I wish I had better news, but, ah well.
Another good thing: I've walked once this week so far and I felt so good afterwards. I just have to remember that feeling!

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