Monday, December 1, 2008

A week of backsliding

Jeez, I knew it would be tough but I didn't realize it would be so tough to keep a schedule throughout the week. I had kids missing naps, lunches, and trying to meet deadlines while people were out of the office.
Consequently, food was a bad deal. I did pretty well til the dips started showing up on Thanksgiving. Thankfully, we didn't have a ton of desserts, so besides (two) pieces of sweet potato pie, I did pretty well. Yes, only have two pieces of pie on T-giving is an accomplishment in my book. Heh.
I got in a big fat ZERO workouts last week. I just felt so tired.
I also broke down on the drive thrus. We went through for coffee and danish after church on Sunday. But other than a pizza night, we did pretty well on outside food.
Well, a bright side is that last week proves my theory that lacking a schedule is my worst enemy when it comes to staying on top food issues, money and work. When all bets are off on my day, it seems that it carries on over to my food and my general well-being. Did I mention I was totally anxiety-ridden last week?
Ok, for this week, I'm going to focus on getting back on track for our daily schedule. Meaning, naps for kids and working while they are napping. I'll shoot for two sugar-free days this week and I'm going to bring back the work outs. I'll say three workouts this week will be my goal.
The finances are kind of hopeless right now until we're caught up on a few things, which should be after the 15th of this month. So I hope to reinstate financial goals that week.

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javagirl said...

Okay girl - rooting you on. Same here about the finances...I think I'm going to go back full time a couple weeks early and not take my Fridays...even though it is money to the daycare...I'm really going to hunker down here this next month on financial goals.