Monday, December 15, 2008

I have goals and I will follow them!!!

Good luck to me, right? I'm in the same boat/mood as javagirl. But I am simply not goal oriented. Period. This can be a good thing, or a very bad thing. For right now, I am going to go with the flow...

DIET: My goal is not weight loss and my habit is to NEVER step on a scale. I haven't stepped on a scale since we started this thing. That doesn't stop me from feeling the growing muffin top. I have read about the Basic Cayce Diet , now I am trying to do it. I am a sugar hound, so if I even manage to do 10%sugar, 40%Acid & 50% Alkaline -- I'll consider it an accomplishment for me. I have purchased vegetables. Celery, carrots, pears, spinach, radish, grapes, broccoli brussel sprouts. I spent an hour and a half chopping these things up so I might actually eat them instead of never preparing them and "magically" find them rotting a week later. This is also an attempt to keep my mouth busy and reaching for a radish rather than a pixie stix. 20%/80%. I think that's a goal. And I think it might kill me.

FINANCES: Gee, this sand looks nice from down here....

ORGANIZATION: No clue. Scrapped the goals. I'm just doing it. Doing what? HIIK. Just something, anything... to get the space and less of that overwhelming feel. Maybe then my brain will clear and function for the formation of an actual maintenance game plan.

I really am a wonderful person who can present great face in public. This stuff is not the real me. =p

For the rest of you girls -- you rock! I only have myself and a bunch of critters to chase about (hubby included) Keep at your goals and keeping your kiddos in line! =)

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javagirl said...

oh thats right...have another marg!