Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New You...I mean Me

The countdown to the new me is on. I have 32.5 hours left to eat whatever I can get my hands on - hey at least I am honest. I do this every year - I get all motivated to lose weight after New Years, so I let myself eat everything in site leading up to the big event and then I am so fat and lethargic when it gets here that I can't lift a finger. You'd think I would learn - after all I am no spring chicken. I did pretty good at Thanksgiving, but the closer I get to NYE the more pounds I have packed on. I must admit that the feel of my tight jeans is somewhat motivating. But it didn't stop me from having some Crunch N Munch and Planet Sub today.

I will check in on New Years Day and let you know if 2009 is my year to finally slim down. But don't hold your breath!

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javagirl said...

Go girl! Go girl! I think that if you start to eat healthier and get through 30 days then it will be easier to stay away from the crap. You'll realize how great you feel. So keep it up! And if you fall off the wagon...we're here to pressure you back on!