Wednesday, December 10, 2008

since we're confessing our holiday sins

I had started with a quiet little commitment to NOT bake a ton of Christmas cookies.
Well, I've been eating sugar cookies for two days now. The do go quite well with the Holiday Roasterie blend, though, I tell you. That's a heavenly combo.
I actually froze half the dough in a desperate attempt to avoid eating a couple of dozen cookies myself. So far, it's working.
My friend Chris brought some awesome homemade veggie burgers last night and the best butternut squash soup over to share. He's inspired me to get back on the wagon of cooking right for the family. (Doesn't mean they'll eat it, but hey, a girl can try.)
I think I'm going to forfeit the no sugar days thing and go with (what I think Lauren suggested?) taking two bites of anything I feel I really want. My hope is that eventually I'll feel guilty about throwing away all those treats and slow down a bit.
I did the workouts last week! This week though, not so good so far. I'm back on the horse tonight once the kids are in bed.
Weirdly enough, I think working out actually now works for me. Go figure. Never worked as a young person, but having babies does crazy things to your body.
P.S. The only good thing I've been pretty consistent on is keeping fresh veggies cut up in the frig to munch on. My cheese cube and other snacking has been cut down substantially. I put them out on the table before dinner while I'm cooking and I'm less likely to nibble as I cook. Another plus, I get some raw food in which is so good for you.

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