Monday, December 15, 2008

Weigh in...results

Diet/Exercise: I weighed in a week ago Wednesday....I was down again! Final results...I took 5th place at the gym with a total loss of 17# in 8weeks (9.2%) of my starting weight. No $$$ won, but a valiant effort. The last week and a half has not gone as well. Only 3 workouts and I have found myself slacking on the food now that the weight loss challenge (and $ incentive) is over. Funny how I was still down yet another 1.5# when I stepped on the scale?!
Finances: BK and I are thinking about refinancing...we are at 5.875% on a 30yr fixed loan and rates seem to be plummeting right now...anyone have any insight to They have a refi loan right now at 4.75% for a 30yr fixed. If we could do that it sure would make month to month a little easier!
Family: ACK (daughter) is having tonsils and adenoids out on Tuesday. Lots of prayers for her...she is VERY nervous. Mommy is nervous, too. (being a pediatric ICU nurse never helps when you "know too much"). We have had a few conversations about it this week and I think both of us have benefited from the heart to heart's. She and I are going to the hospital super early and BK is staying home with KJK (son) that day. Hopefully it will just turn into some good mommy-daughter time.
Goals for this week: 1) Stay sane! I will be stuck at home with a post-op 5yr old and a busy 2yr old for the week....hopefully I'll get at least a few treadmill times in. 2) Continue researching the refi option for the house.


Tea~ said...

Countrywide is great! The people are always nice and willing to answer any questions. Website is easy to work with if you do online payments or want to set up auto pymts. There was word that they were being bought by Bank of America (which REALLY sucks in my book) but I haven't see anything yet. I have dealt with 4? loans thru them with ease.

javagirl said...

I was going to say just the opposite as tea...I wouldn't go anywhere BOA is involved...personal oponio...we went thru national city & the person you want is Rick Scaglia. He rocks and he can write in any state. If u contact him tell him we said hi! by the way, i think he is out in the op office. Make sure when you refi it is worth the money...they tend to build a lot of cost into the whole thing.. I'll send some articles.