Saturday, December 20, 2008

So um ya...

In the past 2 days I have made cheesecake that included 3 lbs of cream cheese & white chocolate & dark chocolate. I have made monkey munch, 7up cake, clam chowder with potatoes & 1/2 & 1/2 & creamed corn. I am about to make chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies oh - and I've made 1 of probably 3 batches of fudge. Will any of this make it to my office so that I can get other people to eat it? Some but not all of it.


My husband and I did decide that we would make some flourless quiches for lunch. Just get creative because we are not doing sandwiches and to tell the truth salads are just too much. I figure if we do quiches then we get all the protein that we could want and get creative with the veggies we put in. I'm making the first one tomorrow in between making the cookies and fudge.

Finances. Well, we were not really doing presents this year but we finally caved in 4 days prior to I am getting some cash money from my Dad to go towards a I am FINALLY getting a REAL CAMERA. I haven't had one since highschool! So I am stoked about that!

My mom is in town starting Wednesday and she was going to start on the South Beach as well. So I think that we are going to start it officially officially once she gets here. That way I can show her how to make everything and it will show me how easy it is to make some of this stuff. I did a chicken dish the other night that I thought was going to take forever and I think I spent about 10 minutes on it.

Here is to Christmas and falling off of the bandwagon. I'm still trying to keep on it and will do so and until the new year and then I'll really get serious.

Here I go.

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