Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday...where did the week go?

Well, it went that is for sure!

Actually all in all it was pretty start with. I worked out twice this week...was hoping for 3 times but no. Actually - I did make it to 3...I forgot. I remember thinking 'wow this is crazy, I'll actually make my goal' then realized that I was about reading to start with the monthly bill. For some reason that makes me stay up later, want to work out, eat right...if only that feeling would last without the extras.

Anyway. Finances are somewhat on track. Still hanging in there although I've added another want. I want a new car. Specifically an Audi A8 or A6. So hopefully in the next year I will be posting a picture of me in the car. Maybe I'll go as far as posting a picture of a svelt me naked in the car. Or even better yet a svelt me, naked in the car, with a ton of cash around me. Aren't you supposed to visualize what you want? Ha, well, maybe you don't want to visualize...

I am starting back on the South Beach Diet this coming week. I did very very well on it and enjoy it. It is fun for the whole family. I like the fact that it allows you to make mistakes and if you fall of the truck then you can back to step one. The other fact that I LOVE about it is that in the first couple of weeks you pretty much ween yourself off of carbs and sugars. Then you can introduce them back in and find out which ones work with your tummy. So - I have been wanting to start back on this but it hasn't happened quite yet. I'm hitting the grocery store tomorrow....gotta get my list done first.

Finances...well - since I want a car...things will get rearranged and believe me it was so hard passing up the A8 this weekend. I was so close to walking in there and out with a payment. But my wonderful husband stepped in at my moment of weakness...and the baby was that helped. We are sticking to our original plan. Yes we are.

So for Christmas. I haven't set anything aside. We haven't even thought about Christmas presents. I feel several different ways about this. My Mom and I never really did much of anything. Mainly we were broke all the time and couldn't buy anything and we always passed it off as 'oh - we don't have to have presents at Christmas'. At times this was fine but there was always a feeling of sadness on Christmas morning when we didn't have presents under the tree. I still got my yearly ornament but having something else, well, it would have been nice. This year, well, no presents. I really want a present. I really want something to unwrap on Christmas morning. Then I think that it would have to be something that I would remember for years to come for it to be worth it. What is it about Christmas and presents? I really would rather save the money versus buying clothes or some small trinket. Now with a kid, I'm trying to think of how I would like Christmas' to be at our house. Do we really need oodles of toys? or gifts that we don't really need? Is there some sort of compromise? I would love to cook a great dinner and have a wonderful breakfast. Something that we would continue doing every year. The same wonderful things. So when you wake up on Christmas morning you smell the same muffins cooking or something just scrumptious. Open a few presents and laze about the rest of the day. I would like for my kid to know that rather than all the toys or clothes or what-have-you.

Now if someone were to give me an Audi A8 or A6 for Christmas...well, believe me I would take it.

I just wonder if there isn't another way that we should be approaching this when one is cash strapped - or - even if we aren't.

So this week. My goal is to figure out Christmas. Work out 4 times this week. Go grocery shopping for my 1st week on the diet. And enjoy the time with the family.

Good luck girls and I love being able to share and to read what you all are doing!

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