Thursday, December 4, 2008

checking in -- trying to keep myself on track

These mid-week check ins help me bcz I take stock of what I'm behind on while there's still time to make some changes.
Today is my first, near successful day on the no sugar. But trust me, it was touch and go more than once when I realized I had all the ingredients for no-bake cookies. Which could be my favorites because it is the only cookie dough you can eat without risking salmonella.
anyways, I've done pretty well on working out. I've been trying to hit it during the day while the kids nap and if I can't do it then I do it at night after they go to bed. Of course, though, as always happens, when I start working out I get totally freaking hungry all the time. So that's still a challenge but I have cooked every night this week so at least I haven't been (over)eating take out.
I really love Jes' finance inspiration. I'm hoping once the holidays are over, we can get back on track there at my house as well.


pom. said...

I love that you guys made this into a blog. I wanna join!!

javagirl said...

Pom - let Rubi g know your information...I think she already has it and she can add you as a contributor and send you the info. Rubi g - if you need me to do this let me know.