Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Springtime and humor in my brain (only)

It's been a rough winter, not necessarily completely for myself, but for many around me as well. One friend had the worst possible loss in her life which seemed to be the catalyst for the rest of the "season". My other half is facing possible loss of a parent in the (hopefully, not so near) future. My "sister" & myself have had the possibility & dreams of little munchkins dancing in our heads & bellies only to have the ovens blow their fuses and refuse to cook the buns. I'm back on track of extreme disorganization and apathy. I'm even angrier because in the big picture...I have no right to be on that track. I have family close by, food in my fridge, a car to drive and a roof over my head. My "kids" are fuzzy and I love them that way.

And now it is spring.

Time to see the blooms of what was buried last year. Time to dig and bury things to bloom for us later. Time to remove the dead growth to allow the path for the new sprouts. Extensions & variations of last year's picture, not quite the same... but not quite lost either. Morphing, changing, growing....

To kick off the spring here's a funny that I must tell someone but I didn't know I'm kicking it off to webspace. The "oven" apparently hasn't reset yet but I figured I'd go pick up some pregnancy tests in the meanwhile -- just to do some preliminary testing and to not have to make an extra trip when I might need them. In the Dollar store, I went towards the counter -- not too many people around, just one lady waiting for her daughter to make up her mind. In the process, one clerk behind the counter asked if I was ready. I discreetly (major embarrassment here) halfway pointed and said "5 tests please". Yes, I was so chicken and couldn't quite spit out the "pregnancy" part of that! There was a guy to my left who had been chatting up the sales girls - his eyes got wide and he said "five??!!!" What are..." The other clerk hissed for him to shut up and the second one stifled a giggle. Somewhere in 2 seconds, I got bravery...I grinned really big and said "yeah, we're having a party!" (like I said, this could only be funny in my head...) His next comment was "I want to come!" The clerk girls lost it at that point, one apologised to me and the other told him it was a "girls only" party and told me to have a nice day. I kinda got the gist that this guy wasn't running on all cylinders but he certainly had made my day anyway. I hope I didn't warp him.

In memory of old blossoms that have faded from our view...Here's to spring, and new growth....I raise a tulip!