Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome to the Peer Pressure!

Okay ladies - our new venture into the web. Or should I say "adventure". This blog has been born from a couple of us seeking an easier way to communicate our goals, trials and tribulations, our successes, our moments of weekness, our moments of triumph, and ideas. Instead of emails going back and forth we will be sharing with the world...lets see how it may grow!

Since we are sharing with the world - maybe we should do some background information....

We are a group of women from different walks of life, different economic 'levels' (if broke has different levels) and different family structures (those with kids and those without kids). We decided that we needed some support in the middle of our younger days to reach some of our weight loss goals, savings goals, budget goals, and organizational goals. Plus we thought it would be a good avenue to share our ideas with our friends.

Each week we share how our previous week has gone. What goals we reached, what we want to work on, etc. We also share ideas on what to cook/eat, how to pay off those pesky credit card bills, how to save money and how we may become better organized.

Personally, I think this is a very cool thing we are doing especially since we can all learn from each other and appreciate the fact that we are not alone out there. Even if we have financial or family differences - we all will end up sharing something similar.

The final reason why I think this is a very cool thing - no one is doing this to "compete" against another person. Why do we say "making peer pressure work for you"? Well, because it can work for you and it can work in a positive way. This is a positive approach to reaching your goals. It is a positive approach to supporting your fellow women and friends.

So girls - start blogging!

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katy ryan said...

What a wonderful idea. I'm subscribing while jumping for joy because I share in the feeling of constantly overwhelmed. In fact, my best friend asked me on Thursday if it's actually possible to drown in work. I told her that if it was, please throw me a life preserver STAT.

I've even got my fiance in on the act -- I've been keeping a journal of an hour-by-hour breakdown of how I work every day, because I have some pronounced time management issues that are threatening to diminish both present and future writing projects. It will be humbling to hear constructive criticism, but definitely worth it in the scheme of things.

I wish you all the best of luck, and will be here cheering you on!!