Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reposting my goals for this week

I thought it would be good to list out my goals here so I can track them here. I noticed I've dropped off on some of these this week. Update on Sunday to come.

1. Organizational: Get control of our daily schedule. Map it out (done!). Schedule playdates around that schedule, not the other way around.
Goal for Week 2: Set aside 15 mins before bed to pick up toys, straighten up as much as possible in 15 mins.

2. Organizational: Get the kids' afternoon nap to start at the same time. Work on freelance during that time.
Week 2: Same

3. Fitness: Walk or play outside 3 times a week.
Week 2: Walk or play outside 4 times next week.

4. Spiritual: Before my feet hit the floor, give thanks and praise for the day. Ask for help to proceed through the day with loving kindness.
Week 2: Same.

5. Spiritual: Go to church Sunday. Confession monthly.
Week 2: Same

6. Fitness: No drive-thru's. No sugar. (starting small here, girls)
Week 2: No buying meals out at all for next week.

7. Financial: Put money that would've been spent on outside food into a jar to work towards 'big give' in February.
Week 2: Same

8. Mental: Don't beat myself up if I fall off the wagon for a day. Get right back up the next day.
Week 2: Same

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