Monday, March 2, 2009


Hmmm...So your post has stumped me. First thought was - is any of us really doing what we were born to do? Do you know of anyone that is doing what they were born to do? Full time. Making money. Second thought was - do I want to do something that I love day in and day out or do I want to figure out how I would like to spend my time - doing the things that I love?

Or do I even know what I would really like to do?

I am passionate about photography - always have been - but do I want to be a professional photographer? No. I love helping people but do I want to open up my massage practice again? No. I enjoy finding ways of saving money or planning out the most cost effective way of doing something but do I want to be a financial planner/biz guru? Hell no. I love organizing but do I want to be a professional organizer? No.

I think that is why I loved being a wedding/event planner....I got to do so many things. In my job right now (even though it is a pain in my arse this week) is the fact that I get to wear so many hats...most of them no one else wants to wear...but my job changes and isn't just one thing over and over it pays better.

I think that it is great to go after what you would really like to do. I know I am constantly searching but have finally decided that where I am is where I should be right now. I look at Dodo and how he can go after getting his helicopter license...and I think "how the hell could a person decide to do one thing the rest of his life?" But then - I'm not him. I wait for the moment he gets bored and tells me he want to do something else (as if) but know that in the long run - I'm the one that gets bored. With all my interests and loves - I'm good where I am.

So keep plugging away at getting to the point that you are doing what you were born to do! It comes in many different forms and the moment you get there - you'll feel much better.

And speaking of jobs and especially if anyone is thinking about embarking on something new in this day and age...haha....what are your thoughts of how the "little guy" will end up making it big? I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Wondering how small business is going to change along with big business. Are we going to have these success stories of how someone filled a need and made it big?

This thought comes to mind more and more these days because before, if I was afraid of losing my job, I could say "hey - maybe I'll try this next". I'm afraid those days are over. The days of losing a job and deciding to go out and make it on your own. Hell, good luck finding the capital but if you did - what would you do?

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