Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Melancholy - "I can't complain"

I think I am the opposite of the norm. I must be. I am calmest at the full moon while all the other crazies are rip-roaring hyped. Go figure. Work is a little crazy today -- people are stressed, kiddos are upset and our favorite little basket case is in the counselor's office hyper-ventilating and wailing. Full moon, yeah.

I started yoga last night. It's been 5 years (yikes) and courtesy of a local studio, I now have 2 whole weeks of unlimited classes for $25. Spring break is coming up which means I can do 2 classes a day if I so desire. Full moon, right? Maybe I am crazy, considering I can't use my arms today after doing 80 million vinyasas last night. But damn, it feels good. Binge exercise anyone?

Everything else in my little bubble... I really can't complain. And shouldn't. We are managing. I have no self control to get the good habits in place and the rough stuff (financial) isn't going as fast as I want it to go (as usual) but it's all going. Clutter is still there, love handles are still there, hubby is getting in his busy time and I'm feeling a little neglected, but in all reality, I can't complain. So I won't.

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