Monday, January 5, 2009

A year...

A year to do what? So I went out and register for the National thingy as well and we'll see how it goes...I think it will be beneficial in just keeping my weight updated and seeing the ticker marks reach my goal.

I decided that I needed to get the kiddo on a better daycare schedule for both of our sakes so I decided that I would get into work at 8am so I could leave at 4:30 and that would also force me out of bed early in the morning to work out on the eliptical and I wouldn't have to worry about it when I got home. So far it has worked. I got through day 1. Accomplishment.

The thing that I will find hard is the fact that I sit at a desk all day. When I get up from my chair my hips hurt so bad - even my pubic bone feels like it is going to separate. This all started when I was pregnant and I think my quads are just too damn tight right now so they are pulling my hips forward. So in the evening I thought I would stretch prior to going to bed so I would be a bit more relaxed and at ease.

Financials - well I blew a lot more money over my 2 weeks off. There were some unexpected expenses as well due to the weather being sucky...had to buy snow chains. SNOW CHAINS!! Then it was all the baking, etc. that was done as well and the New Years eve dinner....hmmmm...the money starts adding up. Hmmmm. I'm got a new french press so I'll start taking my coffee with me to work in the mornings - I can't give that up but I can limit the lattes I spend money on.

I've been looking at a few "events" that we could possibly due so that we all have a goal date to reach for our "In Shape" portion...the Trolley Run (April 26th), Hospital Hill Run (June 6th) - each one has a 5k that we could run/walk. I would rathe do the Hospital Hill run so I'm not flying back and forth within 2 weeks of each other but...I would love to do the Trolley Run so I could probably swing it if tickets are not too expensive AND if other people would join in. Let me know who would be interested and for anyone just reading the blog - let us know if you would like to join us!

Okay - that is enough for me. My kid rolled over from front to back today and ate rice cereal for the first time...and I need to veg - all of this in one day and the rolling over thing was at the babysitters....hmmm...I need to recover mentally. He did roll over for us tonight and I think he actually rolled over last night because I couldn't figure out how he got where he went from where he started. Ya - I'm going with that.

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