Monday, January 12, 2009

So this last week I got up early and did the eliptical for my 20 min. workout. Every day except for Wednesday and Friday. Both of those days I was super tired and bitchy. I ate pretty darn well all this week as well since I made up some turkey burgers yum yum and had those for lunch. I need to just remember how great I felt when I worked out in the morning!

Finances...well, we need to get back on track. We paid off one card and I'm hoping another one will be soon on it's way to financial freedom that is. Did anyone see the article on regarding how you should not close your credit card but just pay them off? If you close them they go against you on your credit score and actually looks worse that if you would just have a balance. Go figure. I was pleasantly surprised that one of my husbands school loans went down this is based on the interest keep falling. But being the good wife that I am I went ahead and paid what we used to pay...the $20 at least might get some more paid off sooner???? hahaha....but I'm a creature of habit. If the $20 wasn't going to the student loan it would go to my lattes and god knows I don't need any more lattes. Although I did find a $30 visa gift card in a purse that I pulled out. This will be buying my lattes for a bit!

So those with you think that it is bad to stick your 4 month old in front of baby einstein for 20 minutes or so while you pack the car? or get some email sent? Hmmm...I've been feeling really guilty about doing this but I figure that I do need to get some things done and 20 minutes really isn't that long. He mainly played with his monster doll anyway....How do you handle your kids or infants when you really just need your hands free for a few minutes?

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