Monday, April 20, 2009

Stock Market of Life

I am market daft. I can't say financially daft, because I am savy in the simple sense. Budget, general register, simple interest and payments in the credit card worlds...I am savy; I can manoevre and manipulate. My dad has taken to sending me e-news letters from a financial advisor person. Like a dutiful daughter, I muddle thru the lingo, boredom (for me) and charts. I have to admit, this WWII veteran old geezer does make the stock market interesting as he is kind of the Andy Rooney(60 Minutes) of the stock world. What I have derived today is that our lives are like the stock market and our personalities are the types of commodities. Are you the majority - a stock with value that will drop or gain, going thru the roller coaster of life with possible splits, buyouts or dividends? Are you a more steady person -- a savings bond -- slow & steady gain and ever dependable? Are you a precious metal stock or commodity -- little known, rarely touted but of utmost importance and dependability when times are hard? Whatever personality, we're all in the roller coaster park. We'll all go up, and go down. We may be on different roller coasters, or the same one in different cars. We all got on at some point and we'll all get off someday and exit the park. Let's just hope the ride is worth it and we all want to come back.

Enough entertainment reading. Birthday was good. I'm still not quite used to the "quietness" as my party G-ma is having her own party in heaven. My KelKat treated me to some good raw fishies and some superb cold pear sake. I may never go back to the hot stuff after this! (My pocketbook may beg to differ...) My house has been given a new piercing in the form of a twist doorbell. (Thanks Dad!) Mama's got a new pin-up girl shirt and a beauteous card from the hubby.

Financial --I think we're on a little downhill slope before the big fall. I feel good. Not anywhere near paying stuff off and by what I can calculate...we still have 5 years, assuming nothing changes. Not my ideal, but not bad either. However, that can be accellerated by the hubby's job prospect(s) which at the moment, is cream worthy. Take that how you may...

I started walking last week after a long winter of stagnancy. True, I did do a jump-start of super yoga in March (which I have yet to return to because an oil change turned into a $700 brake repair. My yoga funds were re-allocated) I have to admit; I am a fair-weather walker. I really need to pump it up before this walk though or I may be dyin' in the first quarter. I'll probably have some 80 year old grandma passing me - cackling!

A -- how's the critter cookin'?

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